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7 Best Places for Camping in Lonavala


Undoubtedly, Lonavala will always be an ideal location for weekend getaways. It is located halfway between Mumbai and Pune and is recognized for its beautiful hills, sceneries, and adventure sports such as camping, trekking, and boating. Everyone has been charmed by the tranquil surroundings and natural beauty, and this has become the most popular spot for picnics, adventure, and other activities. If you're looking for a terrific stress reliever and wish to take a different way, you should always consider camping in Lonavala.

What is the best time for camping in Lonavala?

Lonavala will generally be a famous end-of-the-week place to getaway. It lies halfway between Mumbai and Pune and is known for its stunning slopes, landscape, and experience exercises like setting up camp, traveling, and drifting. The serene environmental factors and regular excellence have charmed everybody, and this has turned into the most well-known spot for picnics, experience, and different exercises. Assuming that you're looking for an incredible pressure reliever and need to take a stab at a new thing, you ought to constantly think about setting up camp in Lonavala.

Best spots for camping in Lonavala

1. Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping is the most well-known camping spot, about 25 kilometers from Lonavala. It's a lakeside camping location with a stunning view of Pawna Lake. The service is excellent, and the camping area is secure. Everyone is welcome here, from lone travelers to families. Many people come here in huge groups just to relax around the bonfire and meet new people, while others seek peace in one of the best spots for camping in Lonavala.


2. Lohagad Camping

If you are visiting Maharashtra, you ought to be familiar with Lohagad Fort and the trekking opportunities available. It is one of the most well-known trekking destinations in the world, and it is extremely crowded. It has managed to retain its allure and popularity throughout the ages, and it is one of the best sites to begin your trekking adventure. The hike begins at the base, and the camp is perched on the base. When the trek is over, you can have a barbecue dinner and a campfire session.

3. Karnala Camping

Despite its distance from Mumbai, it is one of the most well-known spots for camping in Lonavala as it has a lot of panoramic views waiting for travelers and peace seekers. You can go on a date or camp here with your friends. The experience you can have here will be genuinely unforgettable, and it can be a fun-filled music night with a unique stargazing experience in addition to the stunning scenery.


4. Vasind camping

When you've had enough of the city chaos and you are on a hunt for retreat, then Vasind Camping can be your great escape. This is an excellent location to re-establish contact with oneself. In the refreshing water of the Bhatsai river, you can play some sports and you can also try other adventurous sports.

5. Camping in Khandala

So Khandala is in the city center, whereas Lonavala is higher up. Tiger Valley and Canyon Valley are both good places to camp. It is well-known for providing the necessary detachment from city life while remaining amid nature. You will be surrounded by a lot of trees and waterfalls if you choose this location for camping in Lonavala. It's a wonderful area to de-stress and camp for a day or two. Allow yourself to get swept away by its beauty and emerge with a renewed sense of self.


6. Camping Near Shirota Lake

Shirota Lake is one of the many unique sites that Lonavala is known for. It is about 11 kilometers from Lonavala and distinguishes it for its captivating beauty. It is a private camping area with a large forest cover. This campsite may be reached by traveling through a lush forest area rich in Lonavala's best flora and fauna. Furthermore, it is an ideal traveler's delight, the combination of adventure and serenity

7. Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi is a fort near Lonavala that gives a spectacular view of the Sahyadri mountains and the Shirota dam's backwaters. It's a lesser-known area in Lonavala, yet it's a fantastic opportunity to interact with nature. The site is about 16 kilometers away from Lonavala and is one of the well-known spots for camping in Lonavala visible from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Travel from Jambhulpada to Rajmachi village, which comes to life with a swarm of fireflies at night, making it one of the most interesting camping spots in Lonavala.

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